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The safehouse is a place where trafficked and abused children can live short-term or permanently. We provide a high quality care for the children and are different than an orphanage or government home, where there are hundreds of children living all together and not getting the attention, help, counseling and love they really need. For each safe home that we open we can take in around 10 children.


We are planning to open our first safehouse in 2024!

This is what we will need to open our first safehouse:

House build.jpg


We are looking to raise enough money worth to rent a safehouse for a year! After that first year we hope to have enough monthly supporters so we can keep on renting the safe house and keep our children safe.





These funds will go directly to decorating the safehouse and buy all the beds, tables, chairs, appliances we need for the children and their rooms.

Play room.jpg





We are also looking to collect the monthly salary of all our Thai staff for the first year! This includes 2 caretakers (house parents) that take care of the children 24/7 in the safe house, a social worker that takes care of all the documents of each child and an accountant who takes care of all the funds coming in, paying taxes etc.




To bring our children from A to B, bring them to school, go on a day out, we need a van with enough seats for our children! It will be the official 'ACT Van'!




Every week we would have to buy groceries for the children at the safehouse! We would like to raise 1 year worth of groceries.





Once the children are ready to go to school, we would have to buy them a bag, outfits, stationery and pay school fees!

This brings us to a total of


to open our first safehouse and keep it running for it's first year!

Together we can fight child trafficking and give these children a safe place to live.

Thank you for donating!

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