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In 2018, Robin van Engelenhoven (a.k.a. Robin Vane), singer/songwriter who has worked with Armin van Buuren and many other DJs, founded ACT. Robin moved to Thailand 10 years ago to fight against child trafficking. He has worked with many kinds of organizations focusing on prevention, rescue and restoration for abused/trafficked children. From 2013 to 2016, Robin worked closely with the child protection force in Thailand and was involved in many child trafficking cases and rescue missions that also led to the arrest of child traffickers.

In 2018 Robin started ACT and together with his team they go into the slums and poor communities to give prevention lessons, life skills other activities like games, football, English and more. All to prevent these children from falling into child trafficking/prostitution.

"Pattaya is the sex capital of the world, people come here for the prostitution. It's also a hub for pedophiles and child predators. Children are being sold and used for sex, child porn and child labour."

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